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Orders placed for our range of Same Day Labels can be dispatched on the same day.

Narrow Woven Sewing Labels


We have 12mm wide Narrow Woven sew  labels and the length depends on the message you would like to include on the customised Narrow label.

Narrow Woven Sewing Labels

Label Section

Step 1: Enter your label text
Step 2: Select graphic and styling

Please Select a Motif / Graphic

Step 3: Preview your customised label

Black Preview

Dark Grey Preview

Mid Grey Preview

Light Grey Preview

White Preview

Cream Preview

Burgundy Preview

Red Preview

Hot Pink Preview

Mid Pink Preview

Green Preview

Sea Foam Preview

Brown Preview

Orange Preview

Yellow Preview

Cognac Preview

Beige Preview

Navy Preview

Royal Blue Preview

Mid Blue Preview

Light Blue Preview

Turquoise Preview

Dark Purple Preview

Purple Preview

Lilac Preview

Metallic Gold Preview

Metallic Silver Preview

Metallic Rainbow Preview

Metallic Blue Preview

Metallic Red Preview

Metallic Green Preview

Motif Preview Orange

Motif Preview Seafoam

Motif Preview Cream

Motif Preview Mid Blue

Motif Preview Dark Purple

Motif Preview Brown

Motif Preview Metallic Red

Motif Preview Light Grey

Motif Preview Green

Motif Preview Cognac

Motif Preview Dark Grey

Motif Preview Metallic Silver

Motif Preview Beige

Motif Preview Yellow

Motif Preview Metallic Green

Motif Preview Navy

Motif Preview Metallic Blue

Motif Preview Burgundy

Motif Preview Red

Motif Preview Metallic Gold